I’ve not sure about your painting of “Conversatives” with such a broad brush, but I do agree that people who share conservative viewpoints do miss the big picture. A conservative viewpoint would like to believe in a fair and just society where the punishment fits the crime. When white police officers who are supposed to “Serve and Protect” kill a black man, we demand that these officers be charged and face the full power of the U.S. judicial system. A conservative viewpoint may think that the protests are an overreaction at a monumental scale for the death of one man.

Until we have lived as a black man, woman or child in America, I don’t think we can truly understand how large that scale of response needs to be. Don’t forget that we are still in pandemic. Over 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Each American is only one, two or maybe three degrees of separation from one of these deaths. For African Americans, their death toll is worse than all others. Can we blame them for being as mad as hell? I think people of all socio-economic and ethnic groups can empathize at least somewhat with their pain and the injustice of it all because they have just lived through a trauma of their own.

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