I couldn't agree more. Comfort is status quo. Comfort is towing the line. Comfort is turning a blind eye. Comfort is remaining silent.

When we see or experience racism in any form, I believe that we must speak out. Being Asian Canadian, I'm doubly polite. But I feel compelled to speak up whenever I see any social interaction that doesn't pass the sniff test.

Sometimes, the people involved might not even realize they have said something inappropriate or racist. Case in point, in a recent meeting, a colleague used "chink in the mail" in reference to actual chain links. I immediately said, "Couldn't you choose another word for that?" This colleague is highly intelligent and probably way more woke than me, so I'm certain that he didn't mean to use "chink" in a racist way. But since I said something, hopefully next time, he can say "slit in the mail" instead.

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