Good article! Up until a few years ago, I used to only work on feature films here in Vancouver, Canada. We are lucky to be one of the major film production centres in world. However, lately, most of what we make are shows for streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc.

The budgets and timelines for these shows vary, but in general, they are comparable to low to medium budget feature films ($20M to $50M) so the production value is still decent to great. Shows like Lost in Space, See and Snowpiercer were made here and I think they look as good as theatrical feature films. So far, these streaming platforms are putting their money where their hype is. This is good for the film industry and good for audiences.

As a cinema-goer, I do hope that we don't kill the cinema industry. It's one of my family's favourite past-times. Richard Janes wrote an excellent article on how the streaming giants could take over cinema chains and reshape the distribution of movies entirely.

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