Don’t pour cement on that glass ceiling before it’s even broken. I understand your point and I also loved Booksmart, but you need to get Olivia Wilde a shot at directing this big budget feature. It’s not like a lot of incredibly talented women or POC directors are given opportunities like this every day. She has definitely earned this. I’ve been in the film industry for 20 years and I can tell you that it is always a balancing act when it comes to creative control. On big budget features, the stakes are way, way higher, but it’s never a given who will gets the upper hand. No one is going to say no to Spielberg, but if you have a supportive producer, executive producer or even a line producer, even a new director can call the shots where it counts. Who’s to say that Olivia can’t navigate her way through all this and still come out true to her craft and have a million other doors open to her and others after her success?

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